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Residential Water Treatment System Here are some of our water Treatments system (Water Softening / Water Conditioning system) which can be built for the size of your Home. Smaller or larger treatment system will not give you the result you are expecting. These systems can be used for various Water specifications and for wide range of treatment purposes.

In most cases City water or raw water contained Hardness and Minerals (Calcium & Magnesium).

Minerals create residue deposits in water Heather, Washing machine, Water fixtures, Plumbing system and ultimately Skin & Hair.
Softening process will remove Hardness and prevent residue deposit.
Also through carbon treatment we eliminate Chlorine and reduce chemical level.
In addition, neutralizing of color, taste and odor of water consumption will take place in this process.
UV is the recommended treatment for disinfection and sanitation of water.

Filtering water at the entry point through filter cartridge unit has never been so versatile and effective through whole House filtration unit of Big Blue/ Ultra Violet filtration, Big Boy/ Ultra Violet filtration and Pure Water Filtration/ disinfection units. These filtration systems can be built for various water specifications, sizes and capacities to deliver the optimum result for any Residential application.

Salt free Water treatment unit;

Residential Water Treatment System We carry alternative whole house water treatment systems whichdo not require an Ion exchange solution (Salt, Potassium) or even do not required regeneration, and, as a result, there is no need for electricity.

This Alternative solution doesn’t have the hassle of adding Salt or potassium periodically, it will reduce maintenance coast, Chemical pollution and also reduce carbon Foot print as well as preserving water.

Through crystallization of calcium and magnesium and deactivation of mineral combinations, we treat water for hardness; also we use multimedia our special activated carbon to remove sedimentation, chlorine and reducing the chemical level in the water.

We restore the natural taste, color and odor of water in the process. This is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways of treating water for residential use. Our trained professional team of technicians is at your disposal for after sales, service and installation.

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